My Bargain Shopping Adventures

By June

My special pastime is clothes shopping. My favourite clothes shop is Penney’s in Mary Street. I go into the shop at least three days a week. I look at the prices of
some of the clothes I like, but I don’t buy them straight away. I wait and see if they go down in price and if they do, then I will buy them.
Penney’s have all different styles of clothing for all different occasions like job interviews, weddings, christenings or just birthdays. At this time of the year they have different styles of sportswear. They bring out the sportswear when the Operation
Transformation programme starts up.

Bagging a Bargain

Nobody has to buy expensive clothing to look well. Some of the TV3 presenters even shop in Penney’s! One of the shows, Xposé, was showing clothes from Brown Thomas and Penney’s and you couldn’t tell the difference between the two retailers. You can look glamorous even without brand name labels.

My Favourite Finds

My favourite items I bought were my black and white shirt, my black boots and black trousers. The shirt was bought in Dunnes Stores and the boots and trousers are from Penney’s. One blouse I bought is red and black and it has a floral effect to it. Another blouse I got recently is a red and black lace one with flowers on it.
If you’re ever looking for a bargain on new clothes, head to Penney’s!



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