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EVE Thomas Court HUB is one a number of centres offering community Rehabilitative/Recovery services within the EVE organisational network. Thomas Court HUB is a large facility, which is situated in the centre of one of Dublin’s oldest developments, The Liberties and has been providing a service to individuals with mental health difficulties for twenty plus years.During this time the centre has engaged in partnership and integration within the local community and will continue to expand the integration going forward.

EVE Thomas Court’s HUB’s ultimate goal is to enable service users to achieve independence, and recognises that this goal will not be achieved if individuals remain dependent on our service for every need. Therefore EVE Thomas Court HUB encourages service users to make more use of the community and that the centre assumes the role of guide or facilitator, providing support or assistance only when necessary and at service user request through a comprehensive set of guidelines and programme objectives

EVE Thomas Court, 26 Hanbury Lane, Dublin

Phone:(01) 453 1722

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